ArcGIS Server enabled WFS service - field names not changing when service updated

Discussion created by dougcurl on May 11, 2012
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Not sure if this should be bumped elsewhere in the ArcGIS Server area, but since this the OGC thread, thought I'd start here:

I have an ArcGIS Server map service published - it's here:

...and when I change the field names or data in the FileGeodatabase that feeds the layer in this service, the REST service is updated just fine after I refresh the service and the ArcGIS Server REST cache. But, if I do a GetFeature request on the WFS service (same service as above):

The field names remain the same.

Anyone know why this happens? How to rectify? Right now the only way that may work is to recreate the ArcGIS Server service, but that's a pain and seems unnecessary. I've also tried restarting the SOC and SOM with no luck.

-Doug Curl