Basic Query Functions

Discussion created by jmadero on May 10, 2012
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Hi All,

I just want something really basic, how do I query using python. My layer is called Consolidations, I want to query where field "Cons" is equal to 124000 or 145000. Thanks in advance

Side note: I'm not new to computers or forums by a long shot, I'm a long time linux user and what not and I've NEVER seen such a lack of organization for readme's, etc....Coming from FOSS mentality where there is a tremendous amount of clean and easy to find documentation, I can't believe how unhelpful the documentation is from ESRI. Once you find what you're looking for in the help documents the actual text is solid but finding is virtually impossible. For instance for something this simple I would expect a quick google search of "python arcgis query" to be more than enough to get solid hits but that along with probably a dozen other searches left me scratching my head wondering why is this so difficult.