raster calculator in spatial analyst question

Discussion created by tgmueller on May 6, 2010
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Hi Folks:

I did a reclass in spatial analyst and now I want to for each level of the reclass.  Now I want to make a grid of 1's and 0's for each level of the reclass grid. So for example, if reclass = 7 then Class7 = 1 else 0.   So the first one was easy and it ran fine with the following: class7 = [Reclass_avg_1] > 6.5.  Now I'm trying it for lower classes and I'm having problems with this: class6 = [Reclass_avg_1] = 6.  I know I'm doing something stupid, just not sure what.

I guess I should also ask about my general approach.  I have a separate equation for each class.  So I was going to calculate each equation and then multiply the output for equation 7 by the grid class 7.  Then add all of these together.  Am I doing this right.