Magic functions got my computer crazy

Discussion created by fernandocabral on May 10, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I installed ArcHydro tools and started some tests. I was very happy with the improved results (compared to those from ArcGIS without Reconditioning, Adjust Flow Direction in Lakes and other magic functions). Then I read about this function, "Flow Direction with Streams", which could be used instead of "Stream Definition". I couldn't find much about the function in the help files, but I thought it could improve my results even more, to an almost perfect level! Unfortunatelly, my computer got mad with this function. It created some outputs, but not all them, and even those ones were empty layers; it also gave me an error message extremely technical, impossible for common users to read and understand. Then I thought maybe the ArcHydro tollbar I had wouldn't be enough to run this function, that I should add the ArcHydro toolbox (something like this was mentioned in the function help). I did so and tried to run the "Flow Dierction with Streams" from it. WOW! I got a "Visual Basic C+++" runtime error saying I was trying to use a virtual function (it sounded like if I had done something very bad...) Well, the ArcGIS became non responding with that message. After several minutes I had to close it with ctrl+alt+del. Now the map test file I've worked on in the past 2 or 3 days is kind of corrupted: when I try to open it with ArcMap or through the Explorer, the starting window of ArcMap becomes non responding, only ctrl+alt+del can save me. Very frustrating, indeed... I can start again and build another test map using ArcHydro and a small area (I was using a 10 km2 mask, 1/1,000 of my pilot area), but If anyone has read this and have any guess, HOW CAN I USE THIS STRANGE "FLOW DIRECTION WITH STREAMS" FUNCTION WITHOUT DAMAGING MY MAP, MY ARCGIS, etc., I'd appreciate any opinion or guesses on what is wrong... Thanks!