Adding and auto extracting scale information

Discussion created by cle444 on May 9, 2012
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Hello Arc desktop users/experts/developers/whoever you ares,,,

Much appreciated if you could kindly go through the longest question in my forum career and provide a solution or ideas.

I have got a polygon feature class of 100 features. I use data driven page tool to loop through these features to produce 100 maps. In data driven page settings, the extent configuration is 'use best fit with 20% margin', which results a different scale for each of these 100 maps/polygon features.

Since scale for each page/polygon feature varies after running the data driven page tool, I am wondering if there is an automated way of extracting and storing the scale information? Once I get this 'best scale' for each polygon, I can add it as an extra field 'SCALE' for other cartography purposes.