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Linear attribute data isolation for join with polygons

Question asked by monodh on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by monodh
Hello ,

I have some polygons representative of roadway sections and I have some line data representative of roadway condition and classification. I am looking for a way to join attributes from the line data to the polygon data, however at times there are multiple line segments within a polygon- each with different attributes - and I would like to join only the attributes (condition and classification attributes) of the longest line segment that falls within each polygon.

I have tried many functions of the spatial join, but when I choose the merge rule ???maximum??? on the shape length field of the line data it does not seem to bring the associated attributes??! (Only the longest shape lengths are joined, and the other two attribute fields seem random, or are joined based on their merge rule not that of the shape length field)  I have tried spatial joins and then just regular table joins and I have tried intersection tools???. No luck yet on getting the correct information.

If anybody has any ideas on this please let me know,

Thanks in advance :)