Need help exporting from FeatureClass to Shapefile, differing schemas

Discussion created by GlennK on May 9, 2012
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Windows XP Pro SP3
ArcView 10.0 SP2

NOTE: I have ArcView, so no Editor or Info tool suggestions, please.

I need to create a tool that will export a FeatureClass with schema A to a shapefile with schema B. The FeatureClass (input) will always come from a geodatabase and will always have the same field definitions. The shapefile (output) will always be an existing shapefile, empty, and will always already have fields created. The shapefile field definitions will always be the same. Caveat: I am not ruling out creating the shapefile at run time, if that would make it easier to pull off the field mapping.

Basically I am trying to convert a current data model to an older but similar version data model, so the two different sets of field definitions will be very close.

I am wondering what the best plan of attack is. I have looked repeatedly at the field mappings object as it seems an Append would be the best way to go, but the documentation available for field mappings is very confusing to me. Unfortunately I think it would be even harder to do without field mapping. Therefor I am leaning towards the Append method.

That said, could somebody post a small example of how to set the field mapping up? There's only one input table, and the output fields are already set. I just need to figure out how to associate the individual input fields with their respective output fields. There will be a couple of mergers of input fields into a single output field, but I'm not worried about that just yet.

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated, as always.