Importing WMS elevation data

Discussion created by abasile-esristaff on May 9, 2012
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by MBuehler-esristaff
Being new to Esri, I am just starting to learn CityEngine.  Our project was provided with a KMZ file from an external source, modeling a proposed structure in a US city, and successfully imported it into CityEngine where can view the model.

Now I'd like to incorporate elevation data.  In ArcGlobe, I was able to connect to a WMS server hosted by USGS, obtain 1/9 arc second National Elevation Dataset data for the relevant locality, and view the elevation data, imagery of the area, and the structure model as draped layers.

However, I don't see an easy way to import WMS-hosted elevation data into a CityEngine project.  Can anyone offer suggestions?  Thanks!