What does CFURLError Domain Error -3001.)  mean??

Discussion created by eranchazan on May 8, 2012
I am trying to download Bing Maps as my base my layer in ArcGIS 10 (I have Windows XP). But whenever I try to download the layer from the internet I get the message CFURLError Domain error -3001.) One person said it was due to 5 extensions missing from my
computer resulting in a software conflict. In addition, when I try to use the OpenStreetMap  base map layer (same projection as Bing Maps), and then try to edit my shapfile feature class layer, my ArcMap shuts down all of a sudden leaving me looking at the desktop of my computer. When I go back and try the same thing again, I get the message "Start editing encountered one or more layers with errors or warnings and cannot continue." The feature class shapefile layer says "Could not edit the data in the folder or database you selected." Under my project name in the c:/ drive it states "No editable layers."  Can anyone tell me how to fix the problem so I can
use Bing maps as my base layer for a GIS project I am doing.