ArcPy equivelant to set([list])

Discussion created by smkruzik on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by philmorefield
I have a python script that works fine as a stand-alone python script.  In an effort to integrate it as a tool in ArcGIS however, it's not working.  After some research, I came across a forum thread that stated the python variable type 'set' is not usable in Arcpy.

Is there an alternative to make this work?  Some way of expressing set([list]) in arcpy?

Basically I have a feature class with features that intersect a selected point.  Some of these features have duplicate names.  the script is designed to take the names out of the intersecting features, and append them into a 'name' field in the point feature class.  To avoid having duplicate data names, I used set([list]) in Python to go through the list of features that are intersecting, and weed out the duplicates.  So eg, my list originally was list = [a,b,c,f,h,a,c,c,c,t].  Using set(list), it becomes [a,b,c,f,h,t].  I then convert it to string, make it look all fancy and nice, and throw it into the 'name' field of my point featureclass.

any help is appreciated.