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Update triggers

Question asked by fraserhand on May 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2012 by rsunku-esristaff
Hi Guys,

Has anyone done / seen / know if there is an update trigger mechanism in JTX? Basically I want some code to run to update an extended property for a given job when it is assigned.
There is a chocolate fish in it for any answers supplied!



I've looked at the history table as when a job is assigned is stored here - but I haven't figured out how I could link this to a specific event. Basically I want to say the job was assigned to me for site visit on date. I would have another step that says, I started my site visit on x date. Then I could query the difference between when the job was assigned for a specific task in the workflow to when that task was started. The problem as I see it with the history table is that you can't seem to associate one event with another. I need to be able to have a step that enables me to select who I what to assign the job to, and store a date with the specific phase of the job. I'm thinking another custom step. Anyone got any ideas?