Why won't an IAGSServerConnection work from IIS but will work from VS Server

Discussion created by minerjoe Champion on May 5, 2012
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I have a Rest service that needs to open an IAGSServerConnection.  When I run this from the Visual Studio application server or run it in a unit test harness everything works fine.  But if I try to run from IIS it will give me an error on the IAGSServerConnectionFactory::Open.

Access Denied:  Either the SOM service is not running or user is not a member fo the agsuser or agsadmin group....

For fun I tried adding user and password to the property set, but that has not impact.

In IIS I have done all the things that I have read need to be done to run ArcObjects.

Classic .NET AppPool is set to Integrated (I have tried both Classic and Integrated with same result) and I have Enable 32-bit applications set to true
My folder is an Application not a virtual directory
The application uses the Classic .NET AppPool

Can someone please explain what needs to change for a service to run from IIS that is different from it running in Visual Studio