demographic help please

Discussion created by hccs_hunter on May 5, 2012
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3rd semester (Assoc newbie)

for a project build a GDB displaying multiple map configurations based on multiple statics. (so i believe)

(my idea) using TIGER, break down census reports based on age and gender according to relative area in a city. (IE., Female population between ages 21 - 50 categorized to city districts in Harris county or Houston, Tx)  .. to further more base a real project, i will geocode bars based on statics of said population.

I have the break down and in a database. trouble is breaking those age groups into area of location, based on a female:male ratio. I have both sides of sex, but area is killing me...

How can i further join/realate tables based on areas?

finebugg@yahoo.com or m.hunter@student.hccs.edu