Could the  raster field of a feature class accessed by Python?

Discussion created by gaoang on May 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by gizagui
Hi there,

I have a feature class of a personal GDB that has a raster field. The rasters are the photos of all the features and the rasters are managed by the GDB.

I noticed that the rasters are stored in the .idb folder togeter with the .mdb file. They are named like: 1.img, 2.img etc., the number is exactly the OBJECTID of the feature that it belongs to.

A table called GDB_RasterColumns in the mdb stores the subfolder info of the .idb folder.

By python , I can export all the photo form a GDB, name them by some porperties of the feature class.

But my question is, can I import a bunch of photos to a feature class base on its properties?  I need to modify the raster field by python, but it looks untouchable when hadling with setValue() of the UpdateCursor.

Any help is appreciated.