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Creating a feature class within a feature dataset crashes ArcCatalog

Question asked by on May 4, 2012
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I am trying to copy an existing feature class that is within a feature dataset and paste in a new feature class (this same schema, but a linear feature instead of a point feature-i.e. using the existing point feature class as a template for the new linear feature class) into that same feature dataset, using this code:

import arcpy from arcpy import env env.workspace = r"database connections\connection to BASE.sde"  #Use existing Feature class (point) feature (<Featureclass_Name>) as template to create new linear Feature class arcpy.CreateFeatureclass_management("database connections/connection to KMC-BASE.sde", "BASE.BASE.KMC.Exposures_Platte_Line",  "POLYLINE", "BASE.BASE.Exposures_Platte", "ENABLED", "ENABLED")

and ArcCatalog crashes after about a minute of thinking, no error thrown. Any ideas on this issue?