MakeGraph_Management data issue.

Discussion created by haydlew on May 3, 2012
I have an issue atm where I am running the code below in a loop in order to create a chart for each table selection.  The code only seems to be refencing the rtf file of the chart template data source rather than from the makegraph management code.

output_select_table="F:/PROJECTS/NVIRP_Strategic Conections packages/NCCMA_PACKAGE/CHARTS/select_LC_"+STRATCONN+".dbf"

arcpy.MakeGraph_management(GRAPHSTYLEAREA, "SERIES=bar:vertical DATA="+output_select_table+" X=WP_NO; Y=PP0304;SERIES=bar:vertical DATA="+output_select_table+" Y=WP0304 LABEL=WP_NO;GRAPH=general TITLE="+STRATCONN+" 0304 LANDCOVER;LEGEND=general;AXIS=left TITLE=HECTARES;AXIS=right;AXIS=bottom;AXIS=top", MAKEGPAPH_OUTPUT)

I have printed this code to screen, and it looks ok! Why is it using the template rather than the code??