GeoTiff =True not working in Arcobjects of VBA

Discussion created by jessieleo on May 6, 2010

I am using IExportTIFF to export maps to TIFF format with GeoTiff, while it is not coordinate related. the following is my code.
Is thers something wrong for my code.

Thank you for your help.

Private Sub CreateTIFF(pPageLayout As esriCarto.IPageLayout, sFullPathName As String)
  Dim pExporter As esriOutput.IExport
    Dim pExportTIFF As IExportTIFF
  Dim pTiffExporter As ITiffExporter
  Dim pExportVectorOptions As esriOutput.IExportVectorOptions
  Dim pExportColorspaceSettings As esriOutput.IExportColorspaceSettings
  Dim pOutputRasterSettings As esriDisplay.IOutputRasterSettings
  Dim pAV As esriCarto.IActiveView
  Dim pPixelEnv As esriGeometry.IEnvelope
  Dim tExpRect As esriDisplay.tagRECT
  Dim hdc As OLE_HANDLE
  Dim pDriverBounds As esriGeometry.IEnvelope
  Dim pVisibleBounds As esriGeometry.IEnvelope
  Dim pPixelBounds As esriGeometry.IEnvelope
  Dim ipPixelBounds As esriGeometry.IEnvelope

  Set pActiveView = pmxdoc.FocusMap
  Set pVisibleBounds = New esriGeometry.Envelope
  Set pVisibleBounds = Nothing
  Set pPixelBounds = New esriGeometry.Envelope

  Set pExportTIFF = New esriOutput.ExportTIFF

  Set pExporter = pExportTIFF

  If CheckBox_GeotiffTag.Value = True Then
        pExportTIFF.GeoTiff = True
  ElseIf CheckBox_GeotiffTag.Value = False Then
        pExportTIFF.GeoTiff = False
  End If

  Select Case pImageCompression
        Case "None"
             pExportTIFF.CompressionType = esriTIFFCompressionNone
        Case "JPEG"
            pExportTIFF.CompressionType = esriTIFFCompressionJPEG
        Case "LZW"
             pExportTIFF.CompressionType = esriTIFFCompressionLZW
        Case "Deflate"
             pExportTIFF.CompressionType = esriTIFFCompressionDeflate
        Case "Pack Bits"
            pExportTIFF.CompressionType = esriTIFFCompressionPackBits
  End Select
  Set pPixelEnv = New esriGeometry.Envelope
  pPixelEnv.PutCoords _
    0, _
    0, _
    lngOutputResolution * PageExtent(pPageLayout).UpperRight.x, _
    lngOutputResolution * PageExtent(pPageLayout).UpperRight.y
  With pExporter
    .PixelBounds = pPixelEnv
    .Resolution = lngOutputResolution
    .ExportFileName = sFullPathName
  End With

' device coordinates origin is upper left, y positive is down
With tExpRect
    .Left = pExporter.PixelBounds.LowerLeft.x
    .bottom = pExporter.PixelBounds.UpperRight.y
    .Right = pExporter.PixelBounds.UpperRight.x
    .Top = pExporter.PixelBounds.LowerLeft.y
  End With

' export
  hdc = pExporter.StartExporting
    Set pAV = pPageLayout
    pActiveView.Output hdc, lngOutputResolution, tExpRect, Nothing, Nothing

End Sub