Collect Values Tool and Union in Model Builder

Discussion created by Zman3382 on May 1, 2012
Latest reply on May 2, 2014 by CareysDrum
Is there a way to feed a list of values into a Union in model builder?  Basically, I have FGDBs with varying numbers of features which need to be fed to a Union.  By using a feature class iterator and collect values I am able to create a list of variable length of the feature class names in each FGDB.  I would like to then feed this to a union.  It will only let me map this layer list as a precondition.  Anyone know of a work aroudn or another way to approach this?  I suspect the reason the union will not accept it as input is due to the presence of the 'Rank' field in the Union input table since the collect values list output will readily feed into other tools such as merge, append, etc..

Thanks in advance!