ParseFieldName on layer with joined table

Discussion created by heyserj on Apr 30, 2012
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I'm having problems getting ParseFieldName to work the way I think it should work. It seems like it should be straightforward, so I suspect I'm either expecting it to do something it wasn't meant to do, or there is just a problem with my code.

I am expecting that when looping through the fields of a featureclass that has a joined table that ParseFieldName will separate out the joined table name and the field name. For example if the joined table is named draindst_draindst and it contains a field called description that ParseFieldName will return a list that looks like (null), (null), draindst_draindst, Description. It is not, it returns (null), (null), (null), draindst_draindst_Description

Here is the code:

env.qualifiedFieldNames =True

fc = r'c:\usr_proj\Heyserj\python_start\xxDW18.gdb\Draindst'
tb = r'c:\usr_proj\Heyserj\python_start\xxDW18.gdb\draindst_draindst'

fc_layer = arcpy.MakeFeatureLayer_management(fc, "layer")
arcpy.AddJoin_management( fc_layer, r'draindst', tb, 'draindst', "KEEP_ALL")
env.workspace = os.path.dirname(fc)
fieldmappings = arcpy.FieldMappings()
# Parse the feature class name into its components
for feat_field in fieldmappings.fields:
[INDENT]fullName = arcpy.ParseFieldName(feat_field.name, os.path.dirname(fc))
print str(fullName)[/INDENT]

Here is the output:

(null), (null), (null), Draindst_DrainDst
(null), (null), (null), Draindst_Shape_Length
(null), (null), (null), Draindst_Shape_Area
(null), (null), (null), draindst_draindst_OBJECTID
(null), (null), (null), draindst_draindst_DrainDst
(null), (null), (null), draindst_draindst_Description
(null), (null), (null), draindst_draindst_Symbol
(null), (null), (null), draindst_draindst_Type

Many thanks in advance,