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Unable to get Locator service after upgrading from Beta 2 to Pre Release

Question asked by niry-systematics-co-il-esridist on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by GCosanesriturkey-com-tr-esridist

The following code has worked on Runtime Beta 2, but fails on the pre release version :

LocalGeocodeService.GetServiceAsync(sLocatorWSPath, sLocatorName, (gs) =>
                if (gs.Error != null)
                if (gs.Status == LocalServiceStatus.Running)
                    Console.WriteLine("Local Geocode service initialized successfully");
                    _localGeocodeService = gs;
                    CalcRoute.IsEnabled = false;

The error message (gs.Error.Message) is :
"Failed to create service is_str_itm-is_str_itm GeocodeServer. Service failed to initialize: Error opening locator Error code: 500"

The locator package (apk) was created in Beta 2, but the code also fails on an apk created in the pre release.

Has anyone encountered this problem ?

Thanks in advance,