Prompt User for Feedback during Model Builder Process

Discussion created by deleted-user-j8mLJlqlcYvr on Apr 27, 2012
I have an intersection point database that describes the individual legs of the intersection in fields prefixed by the approach (eb for east bound, wb for west bound, etc...). I would like to create a model builder application to associate the legs of the table with the correct line segment in my street layer.

The process would involve looping through every intersection in the point layer. For each point, the map would zoom into each leg of the intersection, hi-lighting each segment in succession, and prompting the user if the link represents the eb, wb, nb, or sb approach. If the user selects the eb approach, then any attributes flagged as eb values would be copied to the line layer before the model selects the next link and prompts the user again.

I suppose alternatively I could determine the bearing of the link from the intersection point based on one of four quadrants to auto-populate the field, though I haven't bothered picking up python yet, and am not sure what geoprocessing tools I could use in model builder for that.