Remove hung licenses using lmutil lmremove changed?

Discussion created by BillyBuerger on May 5, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by danielri
I just ran into a case with our new Arc10 license server where a license was stuck.  I built my own tool for listing/killing licenses similar to Where Have All The Licenses Gone.  It can still do the lmstat -a to list all the features and users.  But using lmremove like I did with V9 licenses such as ...

lmutil lmremove Editor <user> localhost 27000 <display>

- or -

lmutil lmremove -c 27000@localhost -h Editor localhost 27000 <handle>

returns "No such feature exists. (-5,357)".  lmstat -a inclues the line "Users of Editor:  (Total of 2 licenses issued;  Total of 1 license in use)"  So that reports the Editor feature.  If for fun I try the feature ARC/INFO or COGO or something, I get the same error.  But if I try the feature ACT I get "license handle <handle> not found on this license server (localhost)".  I noticed this ACT thing showing up in the features list.  What is this?  And does it have something to do with how the new license manager works?  I also noticed that if you use the old version of lmutil on a V10 license server, the lmstat only reports ACT and nothing else.  Is it like the parent feature and Editor and the rest are children?