Flow accumulation grid not saving in proper location with Python

Discussion created by todd93 on Apr 27, 2012
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Hello, I am looping through a set of folders to generate a flow accumulation (FAC) grid from flow direction (FDR) grids in a stand-alone python script. The code-snippet below shows the execution of the FAC function, including the "save" method I am using:

FACpath = "D:\\Projects\\AppalachianTrail\\Tasks\\201204_Watersheds\\StreamStats\\SS_Fac" + os.sep + state + os.sep + fdr
        print "Directory Created"

        FDRpath = "D:\\Projects\\AppalachianTrail\\Tasks\\201204_Watersheds\\StreamStats\\SS_Fdr" + os.sep + state + os.sep + fdr + os.sep + 'fdr'
        print "FDRpath set"

        FACout = FlowAccumulation(FDRpath, "", "INTEGER")
        print "FACout completed" + os.sep + "fac")
        print "FAC" + fdr + "completed"

The problem I am having is that the output FAC grid is not being written to the specified path shown after "".

Note: the variable "fdr" is the 8-digit HUC of the FDR grid. These are the names of the folders in which the fdr grids are contained