Brief interview for GIS Professional-from GIS Major-Texas State University

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Hello all,

My name is Jack Bryant. I am a GIS major at Texas State University and would like to conduct a brief interview with a GIS professional for a current independent project I am pursuing that may provide an opportunity for you to come speak to GIS classes in the Fall.  I will be a senior in the Fall of 2012 and plan to graduate in May. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Here is a list of questions, and feel free to add any advice you have for future individuals pursuing a GIS career. Thank you.

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1. How long have you worked with GIS?
2. Did you have formal training in GIS? If so, where and when?
3. Describe your job functions.
4. What do you like about working with GIS?
5. What do you find frustrating about GIS?
6. What do you consider the important skills needed for a GIS career?
7. What advice do you have to GIS students?
8. Would you be willing to talk to a class of students about your job?
9. What would you say is your best accomplishment using GIS?