ipython prompt gets funny after ImportToolbox

Discussion created by fraxinus on Apr 25, 2012
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I have set up a simple toolbox with a few python toolbox scripts. It works fine in the python pane, and in the basic python prompt. But I also use iPython, and after I import the toolbox (arcpy.ImportToolbox) my prompt gets all funny. I guess the color codes gets messed up for some reason. I can, of course, troubleshoot this in more detail - but has anyone else seen anything similar, or have any tips for fixing this?

My prompt looks like this after import:
??????[0;32m?????????[1;34m???[??????[1;37m???~/work ??????[1;34m?????????[1;32m???5??????[0;32m?????????[1;34m???] ??????[0m???