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Refreshing Addins in 10.1

Question asked by kimo on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by kimo
I cannot see how to fix a simple problem in a custom AddIn using the new Addin Wizard without closing ArcMap and re-opening.
Is this really required for every edit of an addin?

This is what I do when testing.
1. Install the addin and open in ArcMap, open the python window.
2. Test the tool when inevitably there is a runtime error.
3. Edit the python script and tabnanny.
4. Re run
5. Reinstall by clicking on ,tool>esriaddin

But if ArcMap was still open it does not refresh the addin.
I have tried using the AddInmanager to delete before and after etc
Note that the tool does not disappear from the Customise Toolbars list
The only way is to close ArcMap and reopen which takes a lot of time.

I have found the updating of the versioning a real pain as well, with it overwriting the existing script, but that is a known feature.