Unregister As Versioned Issues

Discussion created by nheick on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2012 by nheick
What is the appropriate way to register and unregister tables as versioned in ArcSDE using Python?  I am trying to do this for most of our geodatabase tables by iterating over the children of the ArcSDE workspace, but I am seeing discrepancies between the results of arcpy.Describe(dataset).isVersioned and arcpy.UnregisterAsVersioned().  The isVersioned attribute will return True while the UnregisterAsVersioned function will throw an exception that the object is not registered as versioned.  I have tried unregistering the feature datasets directly, as well as first iterating over their children just to be sure I have hit each child dataset.  Ignoring the exceptions, the A and D tables are not cleaning up.  I am still getting attributed relationship classes and geometric network tables left behind, despite specifically calling UnregisterAsVersioned on all of these objects.  My assumption is that attributed relationship classes and geometric networks can be passed to arcpy.UnregisterAsVersioned since they have tables that would be need to be versioned.

Any help explaining the geodatabase structure better and why this is happening would be appreciated.