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Selectively apply edits to feature layer using data from an external source

Question asked by crackernutter on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2012 by crackernutter
So I am trying to stand up a web application that uses the Twitter API to allow a user to search for and display Tweets on a map using a graphics layer.  I have added a button to the infoWindow for each Tweet graphic that I would like to enable to add the Tweet to a featureLayer using applyEdits. 
I have the feature layer, and have tested using the default editor to add a point to the map. 
I have the Twitter graphics layer. 
I can't figure out how to connect the two.  Do I have to construct a graphic (containing the correct attributes) for each Tweet and pass that to the applyEdits function?  How do I handle ObjectID and other fields that the default editor handles automatically when using the draw toolbar?