EsriRegAddin.exe returns -1 code

Discussion created by piotrek15 on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2012 by rlwatson
I've got ArcMap Addin Project which is set up on TFS machine.
Team build fails, baceuse it can't register addin file.
I've got following error:
- C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\ESRI\ESRI.ArcGIS.AddIns.targets (125): Failed to register Add-in 'BestServerPrototype.esriAddIn'.
- Task "Exec" (TaskId:46)
  esriRegAddin.exe "C:\Builds\1\Hydra\RequestBuild\Binaries\BestServerPrototype.esriAddIn" /s (TaskId:46)
  The command "esriRegAddin.exe "C:\Builds\1\Hydra\RequestBuild\Binaries\BestServerPrototype.esriAddIn" /s" exited with code -1. (TaskId:46)
  Done executing task "Exec". (TaskId:46)

What does it mean that esriRegAddin.exe exited with code -1?