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Model Builder without a 'Save As' option?!?!?! ESRI?

Question asked by kamkashem on Apr 20, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2012 by MBoucher21
Hi, I am fairly new to using ESRI products but i have noticed a very basic functionality not included in the model builder tool.

I basically wanted to remove a few items from a previous model that i had made then simply click the 'Save as' button to save this model as another model version.
Having realised there is no Save as button i clicked on the save wondering if it will prompt me to save over the previous version or choose a new file name, but nope! It decides to save over the previous model. Now i panicked because i had thought i lost my model but luckily the CTRL Z undo button saved my life and i got my old model back and quickly clicked the save button again!

I know you can copy and paste into a new model builder window, but this is a very lame way of working. How could this simple option be missed ??? ESRI please add a Save As button on the model builder window!!! :)

Saying that my models are fairly simple, but if i had crossed off the window, i would not even be able to undo back to my previous model.

Problem! Bump this thread if you agree ;)