Problems printing, exporting maps with raster images ArcGIS 10 Desktop

Discussion created by jeffja on Apr 19, 2012

I just upgraded to ArcGIS 10 Desktop and service pack 3 (for any updates, fixes or enhancements) yesterday April 18th.
I created a new map that included raster and vector layers. The raster layers appear on the screen just fine. However one of the tiff raster does not print preview, print or export properly
and the other raster which is a hillshade is pixelated and poor in quality. If I add a color in the symbology as no data for the tiff raster the entire image in print preview will be that color.

I noticed that there is a raster patch at for aliment issues. However I�??m not having alignment issues. If somebody knows of a fix or a suggestion please let me know. thanks