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WMX Distributed install location of wmrest

Question asked by fraserhand on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2012 by fraserhand
Hi There,

3 tier installation ArcGIS 10 Sp4
box 1: Web / SOM / AGS REST
box 2: SOC
box 3: DB

I have an installation of AGS where the web tier and application tier have been split onto 2 machines - the web tier has client apps, the AGS SOM and REST endpoints, while the application tier has the SOC component. Following this the WMX server extension has been installed as follows: box 1 had the SOM component and sample viewer installed, box 2 had the SOC component installed. After this installation we saw that the wmrest REST endpoints for WMX have been installed on the SOC box, which was a little unexpected. This is going to cause issues, as this is a multiple machine deployment (multi SOMs and SOCs) and we need to use the web client.
Is this the expected behaviour? Can we move the wmrest location?