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CPU speed and Memory requirements for ArcHydro and Geoprocessing

Question asked by MBoucher21 on Apr 17, 2012
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[LEFT]This is a duplicate post from the Hydro Forum:

I'm wondering what others are using to operate ArcHydro (performs geoprocessing for hydrology purposes).

I'm getting more and more suspicious that most of the current problems I'm having stem from memory issues.

I've got:[/LEFT]

  • Windows 7, ArcGIS 10, the latest version of ArcHydro.

  • 64-bit

  • 4GB RAM

  • 300 GHz Duo Core Intel processor

  • I'm currently working with a 10' grid DEM 10.2 square miles mask extracted rawdem of 24.41 MB.

[LEFT]Seems like plenty, but is this enough?

This is the same configuration they have given everyone in the Department. I'd need "special dispensation" to get more.[/LEFT]