Data Driven Page - Strip Map Index - Define order when based on multiple lines

Discussion created by m.harchies on Apr 17, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2013 by jmoulds-esristaff
Dear all,

Thank you for trying to help me.
I would like to use the data driven page function to create a mapbook of the railways of a city.
I have created lines following these railways (there are about 44 lines) and ordered them following their ID field.
However, when I create the Strip Map Index, there is no field in the form where I can specify in which sequence he has to take the lines of my input shapefile in order to create the index layer.
I thought that by default he would take the ID field, the FID or the sequence in which these lines are currently ordered in the attribute table, but no. It seems to have absolutely no logical sequence and be completely random.
He just pick a line, makes the strip grid along this line then jumps to another random line and pursue.

It's quite annoying because it means that I have to then to the attribute table of the Strip Grid Index and change the page number myself in order to have the sequence I want in my final map book.

There is surely a way to manage this, but I can't find it.
Could you please help me ?