Trying to multiply two weighted floating point rasters???

Discussion created by jemuzza on Apr 16, 2012

I'm having trouble implementing my MCDA equasion in raster calculator when I try to multiply a roads suitability (floating point raster) with a desired weighting of 0.8.

I created a 'Roads_Suitability_Scaled' raster by firstly creating a euclidian distance raster from a roads layer, then using raster calculator with the euclidian distance raster as the input and the expression as 1-("%Roads_Euclid_Dist1%"/3110.57) with 3110.57 being the largest valve for the euclidian distance raster.

When I input the expression of:

(0.8*"%Roads_Suitability_Scaled%") + (0.2*"%Stream_Network_Suitability_Scaled%")

I get this error:

ERROR 000539: Error running expression: rcexec() <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>: can't multiply sequence by non-int of type 'float'
Failed to execute (Raster Calculator (9)).

BTW, The raster calc seems to work fine when I multiply (0.2*"%Roads_Euclid_Dist1%")