Getting rid of "map data not yet available" tiles?

Discussion created by rcoodey on Apr 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2014 by rcoodey
We cannot switch from the now "Extended Support" ESRI_Imagery_World_2D service to the newer World_Imagery service because when zooming in, all that is seen are image tiles saying "map data not yet available".  We would rather have blurry/pixilated imagery than nothing at all.

ArcMap and ArcGIS Explorer seem to ignore these tiles... is there any plans/hopes to have an option in the new runtime API to ignore them as well?

I posted a similar question several years ago for the WPF/Silverlight API (and then also in the ideas portal) and every release since hoped maybe this functionality would show up.  Now that the API is getting more and more robust with the runtime, my hopes are growing again :).

Thanks a lot for any info!