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im sitting over a probably simple problem since hours, but somehow i cant solve the problem

Im converting ascii to esri rasters in a separte Method (core of this method): this works fine
    arcpy.env.workspace = resultsPath
    arcpy.ASCIIToRaster_conversion(inRaster, outRaster, "FLOAT")

in another method, im trying to make Rasters and later .lyr files out of those created rasters:
def addRammsFiles(mxd, nameR):
    arcpy.env.workspace= targetPath
    for files in arcpy.ListRasters():
            rasterName = arcpy.Describe(files).name
            rasterPath = targetPath + "/" + rasterName
            arcpy.MakeRasterLayer_management(rasterPath , rasterName)
            #arcpy.SaveToLayerFile_management(rasterName, rasterPath + ".lyr")

Im always getting the Error 00582: Error occured during excecution. (The name of the raster is < 13)
Does someone have an idea why it doesnt work (it worked previously, with rasters from featureToRaster)

help would be DEEPLY appreciated!