Keeping zeros in SPSS to Con in ArcMap

Discussion created by tlgsoc on Apr 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by ebowman-esristaff

I am working with 2010 Census block level data, specifically a geo2010 file from SF1, which is the Census geo-header file. I am manipulating this file in SPSS right now. However, SPSS stripped the zeros off of the values where the column width was wider than the existing value. For example, one county's code went from 003 to 3, even though the column width is still set to 3. I'm new to ArcMap, but I think that I need to get SPSS to keep these zeros in there or put them back in during export so that I can concatenate four variables in this dataset to make the required GeoID for my that I can then join the Tiger Shapefile with the data table in ArcMap. Does anyone have suggestions?