ArcGIS javascript license and prices "quite urgent!"

Discussion created by sigmasl on Apr 11, 2012
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Our company it's working for a local administration creating a touristic map.
We already have info about touristic resources as hiking routs, museums...

We have been working in this short of projects with google api, and we are evaluating migrate to arcgis javascript api.
Our idea is to store data into an arcgis online account, and serve it into council web page with javascript api.

We don't have arcgis server license (we work with arcgis but only have desktop licenses).

The final result will be a public web without any short of publicity income or using feee.

I think that according to arcgis javascript license fees information (, we are free to use it with out any charge.

Could any one confirm it? I asked to my local reseller but they aren't sure if it is right or not!

I need to have this issue clear before we develop the aplication.
Thank you