Catchment Polygon Processing

Discussion created by ahmets on Apr 11, 2012
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Dear all,

while we were working Archydro in two different computers, I have 2 following  problems:

as you know, layers are raster until catchment grid delination (CGD). from now on, it will convert raster to vector. but unfortunately, I had no vector data catchment polygon processing (CPP), drainage lines and adjoint catchment.

I use ArcGIS 10, 64 bit.


After finishing (CGD), program does not produce (CPP) . and I can not proceed.

It creates feature class, but it does not contain any data.


After finishing catchment grid delination(CGD), program does not produce catchment polygon precessing(CPP)

It gives error: "H RESULT E FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM componeent"

I need your kind help.