Ordinary Kriging Question

Discussion created by energyflux2012 on Apr 10, 2012
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I'm a graduate student working on a project that involves well points, each associated with a measure of nitrate. I also have HUC10 watershed delineations, which I plan to use to breakdown the data later. I ran ordinary kriging through the Geostatistical Analyst using the nitrate well points and choose the Gaussian model. I ran into two problems here:

1) The kriging output did not automatically format itself as a raster dataset. Instead, I had to convert it, but by doing so it distorted the surface. Is this normal? I tried kriging via the toolbox, and it seemed to have converted it just fine. Does this mean I can't use the Geostatistical Analyst?

2) When I ran zonal statistics on the interpolated raster surface, using the HUC10 as the zone layer, the ArcToolBox would crash. This happens on multiple computers at different locations. Is there a way to get around this?

Basically, I'm trying to do a hotspot/coldspot analysis of the nitrates by HUC10 zones. But there are over 600 HUC10 zones.