Reclassify remap to Old Value?

Discussion created by rgthurau on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by rgthurau
I'm trying to prep some vector layers for combining as rasters. I've set an attribute in each vector to match the raster value i want them to have. I am converting the vectors, in a list, to raster.

Then, i want to recalssify my rasters, in a list, so that the old value remains the same, but all NoData cells within a mask are converted to zero (a necessary step because Arc defaults the intersection of raster extents for output).

I can do this layer by layer no problem. But, if I want to run my reclassify on a list of rasters, I'd want something like:

RasList = ListRasters("", "")
for ras in RasList:
    Reclassify(ras, "Value", RemapValue([[OldValue, OldValue], ["NODATA", 0]]))

Is there a way to either skip the old values while at the same time adding zeros for NoData?