move points on end of lines up the line

Discussion created by smithmc on Apr 10, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by kimo
I need to move 100,000 plus points that fall at the end of the line.  It has to move just enough not to be at the end of the line anymore (a few feet or meters is fine).  I have transformers that land at the end of line segments.  The lines start and stop at poles and the transformer is on the pole so it makes sense to leave it there.  However, we do studies to see if lines are overloaded and have to sum up how much load and the number of transformers per line.  Since the transformer is on the end of two line segments it gets double counted.

My solution has been to create a temporary layer that has all the transformers.
Select all the transformers that touch the end of a line and add 1 meter to the x and y coordinates and then snap the point back to the line thus moving it some.  Enough that it is not touching both lines any more.

The problem is that this is very time consuming.  It takes several hours for this loop to complete.  Does anyone have any suggestions that may be more efficient?