Extraction using SAMPLE

Discussion created by yl899 on Apr 10, 2012
I am using [sample] to compute a table from raster layers.

Input raster layers:
1st layer_A with 50 counts (1 ,or else 0)
2nd layer_B with 10 counts ( 1 or 0)

input location:
layer_C with 1000 counts

The data that i want to get is:

1st column have 1000 rows with xy coordinate from layer_C
2nd column contained 50 rows (out of 1000 rows) that have value 1.
same for column 3, containing 10 rows that have value 1.

problem is, all i will get was (eg) the second column have 500 rows with value=1 rather than what it supposed to have, 50 rows/counts.
Is there anything that i am missing here? Do i need to check anything or having any standard checking protocols before i use the [Sample] tool?

Many thanks guys.

Guys, i managed to get the table i want by opt saving the gdb file in the default location. But if i alter the location where the gdb will be saved, the table computed will be very strange... i wonder if this is a bug?.