Transportation Symbology

Discussion created by rangermry on Apr 9, 2012
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I have a dataset of am and pm road links.  By road links I mean lines that are individual objects with an A and B node like this road line is point a to point b, the next line is point b to point c.  Then, the nodes reverse for pm and go c to b, b to a and etc...  I need to have them show up offset from their locations due to at the map scale I need they show up one on top of the other.  They do not have a shared attribute like road name to connect them.  How can I get them to represent themselves apart from each other?  I do not have a matching road layer to the location of these road lines as the road lines I am using are an output of a travel model that are off from the actual road, I have nothing connecting the actual road to the travel model.  I am aware of the dissconnect issues with the travel model company and am dealing with those.  I have network analyst extension available if I need that.  I am looking for a simple solution because it is purely a display issue at this point.