Select Data or Table Select - Can these be used with a Variable input?

Discussion created by clistopad on Apr 8, 2012

I have been building a pretty complex Modelbuilder, with several submodels, some of which iterate through dozens of layers, or rasters. For most tools I use a custom variable to pass in the correct table or layer to use for the process, depending on the month being processed. Most tools will accept %variable% as the input, once I have the defined how to obtain that moving variable. But now, I need to select a specific value of a table for a calculation, and the table to be selected will depend on the current iteration. This means, it has to be based again on a moving variable (basically, it will have to lookup the table from the previous month of the one being processed). I cannot get either the Select data or Table Select tool to work with any input variables, only hardcoding the specific table to go through. Anyone has been able to use a variable input in either these tools? Any work around I have been missing here? All I need is one of these to work!

Thank you!