Genneral ArcObjects Project Organization Question

Discussion created by craigmacholz on Apr 6, 2012
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I have business need to create a custom editing functionality very similar to this sample project "..ArcGIS\DeveloperKit10.0\Samples\ArcObjectsNet\AddInEditorExtension\VBNet" In addition, I'll have a business need to create a stand-alone ArcEngine applicaiton what also used the same "Editor Extension" functionality. I know I could create an "Add-in" for ArcMAP AND a ArcEngine Stand-alone application to meet the business needs, but what would be the best way to organize the code so it don't rewrite the same functionality twice?

Can I use a custom "Add-in" in a ArcEngine stand-alone application? If you have a better way, please educate me! Thanks.

ArcGIS 10.0
p.s. Sorry if this post is in the wrong thread. I'm a little new to this.