Help with Python Script for Viewshed Analysis

Discussion created by kumpel75 on Apr 5, 2012
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I am taking a GIS course for my graduate degree.  I understand the GIS program somewhat, but have no idea when it comes to python scripting.  For my final project, I am trying to do a outdoor lighting analysis of our campus.  I have all the data necessary.  I have set offseta for each observation point in my lamppost layer and they have elevations.  I have created a raster from a njdep dem and I merged the campus buildings into the raster so that they block the view of the lights when a viewshed analysis is done.  I have tried doing a viewshed analysis on all of the points as a whole but it will not give the correct output.  I have done a couple points individually and found that my raster and all my data is working correctly.  My question is, is there a script out there that will run through all the points in my lamp post layer individually and do a viewshed analysis on them?  If there isnt, could someone assist me in writing one?  Any help is appreciated.

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