Spatial relationship on the client side

Discussion created by das.apratim on Apr 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by DSwingley-esristaff
Hi ,

I am fairly new to ArcGis and js api.

I have this following query;
I have around 100-200 point objects which are displayed on the map in feature layer.

What I want to do is query all these points against 2-3 layers (ArcGis 9.3.1). which effectively means I have to fire 100 query tasks to find the relationships of every point with the layers.

In turn, I am thinking I can create a Bounding Box around the points,(polygon) and query it against the layers, to get the geometry of all features across the layers which lie in the boundingbox, So I have to fire only one query on the server. And,
Try to find the spatialrelationship between the points and the recieved features on the client side itself.

Just wanted to ask if there is a way to run spatial queries against the javascript objects and not go to the server with a query task.

Also if you can suggest a better solution for my problem, that will be great too.

Your help and support is highy appreciated.