Applying Symbology in a model (values not the same)

Discussion created by sqril13 on Apr 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2012 by dlee-esristaff
Hi -

I'm about as green as green can be when it comes to model building but it's time for me to dive in.

For my first project I have maybe 50 shapefiles that I would like to assign a value field and specific color ramp to however I have little idea where to begin. The shapefiles are submarket boundaries for various markets in the US.

I see that there is an apply symbology tool however I suspect that it will take whatever "value field" field and values are in my "symbology layer" and use them however there are no duplicates in values. It's ok to use the same field but the values are all different for the different shapefiles.

I thought that I'd create a tool that applied my default symbology selections to a shapefile and then would run that tool in a batch mode.

My confusion is reflected in the confusion of the request :)

Looking forward to any help and guidance you all can give me.